Monday, November 22, 2010

Since Friday , Good Things

Dear Kristin,
 You can image my complicated feelings upon see this headline on New York Magazine's last seventy-hour activity tab.  Complicated, because it's a joy and joy is uncomplicated but it's also a fear, because they better not hurt my Buffy.  She is only be honored.

Also, I didn't win the fun and silly Bergdorf contest.  And it makes sense.  Did I honor this extravagance as I might have:

My pictures.   Taken but a few days ago from 5th Avenue

Maybe no.  Because it is awesome and pretty and I just made baby collages.

Also, this is a lovely song I heard today in 9th Street Espresso, the lyrics of which I wrote on my hand so as to be able to google it later.  This is what people without smart phones do.  The they write lyrics on the palm of their hands in blue ink.

Finally, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is magnificent and dark. I will be seeing it again at IMAX following the Thanksgiving holiday. You may join me.  Please.

Finally-finally, I am leaving early a.m. tomorrow for a little ARkansas town with spotty internet.  You shan't see me again until Saturday.

J. Benny

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Clark, HP Hangover

Dear Clark,
Guess what I'm doing right this very moment:

I'm enjoying a two and a half hour helping of Harry Potter.  Which means, of course, that I put this post on a timer.  My movie began at 10:40 (I will now stop mentioning my specific showtime in this blog).  You are sad you are not watching the most thrillingest movie of the year along with me.  Let's both go again over Christmas.  IMAX style.


Whoa, Ryan

Dear Kristin,
I'm all not posting and then I'm all posting all the time.  I know it takes away from the overall affect of this sharing blog of ours.  Too much share.  But this is important:

I'm stuck.  I'll never get over him, never move on; it's like I'm a teenager and he's an overly serious, long, long-distance high school relationship.  It's a tortured relationship (between me and Ryan's discography), but it's a real one.  I can't give up on that and then, of course, there's this (recording). There's always something of this in him.  I suppose I wouldn't change the Ryan that's got access to this, even if he's also the Ryan that makes jokey metal albums and quits music every now and again and is a frequent mope.

J. Benny

P.S.  Today is my day:

P.P.S.  And Oh Good Heavens.  Kathleen covering Ryan Adams (Whiskeytown).  My.  Day.


No Nonsense Mix: Straight to Yulia

Dear Yulia,
A few things, only the first of which will be Harry Potter related (10:40 tonight):

Rupert Grint nails it.  Everyone else is little bit faux country/Italian-American mobster, which is still American, but not American newscaster.  And I want the newscaster; southern's just too easy to mimic (mimic being the key word, because none of the above would pull one over a native(ish) Texan.  Except maybe Tom Felton.  He is almost convincing.  Odd that they all struggled with mozzarella sticks.)

The other good thing about Harry Potter - if I hadn't been looking for an embed code to the above video, I never would have found the below video, which is really just as charming:

I kind of like this Josh Horowitz for MTV guy.  The accomplished actor is pretty fine, too.  Moving on to grandmas

And engagement rings:

That's Meena's hand on the bottom left. 
Vote for MY GOOD FRIEND MEENA.  Who is now, by the way, engaged.  (Her hand is now tied with Kate Middleton's for first on

And Yulia:

I like this song and the girl in the swollen helmet and filmy dress.

And The National's expanded High Violet:

J. Benny

P.S.  Ryan Adams has a new double disc of old, unreleased stuffs from his Ryan Adams & The Cardinals sessions long ago.  The first released song is just okay.  Is it any wonder, though?  He's blows through music.  But, on the other hand and probably because of this, there will no doubt be some wonderful tracks.  I guess I still love him.  He doesn't make it easy, though.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Have Seen Bruce

Dear Mom,
I hate to get all posty*, but what I wouldn't do to see this man in concert:

I have such affection for this.  
(The audience's Bruuu-ce always initially strikes fear in my heart - so much like a crazy person's "boo")
I mean The Boss, but Fallon as Neil Young is also a winning performer.  I just.  I would buy their joke song were it available on iTunes.  Happily and rightly.  Because Bruce is the very best, here and damn near everywhere.  I think we should go see him.  We are talking you and me, a Mom and J. Benny event for the ages:

I enjoy that everyone in the band/background pretty much knows they're having the best Late Night experience of their collective lives.  Jimmy Fallon has wet himself.  I would pay half a month's rent to see Bruce live.  Happily and Rightly. 

J. Benny

Bruce and planes.  Also, Edward Norton is in love:

If it were easier, maybe it wouldn't have been as hard. 

*Posty, as in, this video has been posted everywhere.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Pretty Much Been Too Long

Dear Kristin,
Some very good things are a-brewin':

I've purchased my tickets for the 10:40 on Friday at Union Square.  
Buy tonight.  They're selling like hot Harry Potter cakes.

(Brewing.  Ha.  You get is?  BREWINGasinwitchesandwizards).  At this point, it's more than just Harry Potter story-affection, movie-anticipation.  It's the kiddos:

Emma is in Rafael Lopez
One of whom, if not all of whom, I will never not support: 

Because he is the man.

Also, I don't think I'm going to stream the US Harry Potter premiere live, but I cannot promise I won't. On the other hand, I can promise you that I'll be at Back Forty tomorrow night for $3 sliders and fancy $5 fruity cocktails. This, of course, you should consider attending. Pretty much everyone should consider attending such a happy hour. Happy hours.  Because it LASTS ALL NIGHT.

Moving on to old stuffs:

Clemence Poesy in Chanel with an Olympia Le Tan clutch.
 I tricked you!  More Harry Potter.  But it's the bag I'm referring to, based, as you may have noticed, on A Tale As Old As Time.
 I might head on over to Bookmarc for the price point.  Care to join?  Maybe we can take 
free professional holiday photos at Marc Jacobs after.  It's a tradition.  Happy holidays to us!

It is what I want for Christmas.  Also, as you know, I've been very hard at work, burning the midnight oil, making virtual holiday collages at Polyvore.  I have not collected my winnings yet (regarding The Bergdorf holiday window contest, details to be found in the post prior).
It's a bag!  (Carryall  by MsJBenny.)

They have not yet announced me as their winner.  Weird.  But, thankfully, that's soon to change, as their real-life retail competition has already begun to present their windows to the world and BG will no doubt feel the pressures of timeliness:

The competition.  Henri Bendel's spirited window.
It's.  A  mouse.  A wee mouse. It's also my favorite of the photo bunch, though perhaps a little small-scaled.

I want more sparkle. 
On the larger hand, this is nice and appropriately Nutcracker themed, if not earth shatteringly lovely. It's rather plain and pretty and would probably be kinda great if set to subversive holiday music.  Let's make music our Christmas cheer:

Our Concerts - A Reminder:
  • Grouplove at Bowery Ballroom November 16th.  That is Tuesday.  Shall we?
  • Lykki Li will be at (le) poisson rouge December 1st.  We must.
  • The Walkmen are playing at Terminal 5 on December 2nd.  Still undecided due to venue.  Poodles, because  I do love them.
  • Diamond Rings on Dec 4 (Glasslands) and Dec 6 (Mercury Lounge).  DIAMOND RINGS!
  • Bonnie Prince Billy on Dec 8th at Town Hall.
  • Phosphorescent will be at Bowery Ballroom on Dec. 10th.
  • Darlings at Cake Shop on Dec. 12th.
  • S. Carey Dec 13th at Highline Ballroom  w/ White Hinterland 

Also, we missed Deer Tick last week (darn us).  Also, I want this job.  Also, I may go part time at school next semester.  Also, news!

This post makes me feel like a teenage girl again, a big fan of fandom and glitter.

J. Benny

Monday, November 8, 2010

That Bergdorf Contest

Dear Kristin,
So, I'm doing this:

A lot, really.  Hence my absence here.  WHAT?  I just love collaging and competitions and to collage in a competition.  Pure J. Benny fun.  Also, I want to win $2,500 at Bergdorf Goodman's. Also, winning is serious business. Also, I will buy you a shiny little bauble in the event that my weeklong dream of winning comes true. 

J. Benny

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make Me Happy Mix: Welcome Back, Me

Dear Kristin,
I felt mopey yesterday:

 I see a darkness.  (I mean, look how unimpressed I am in that second picture.  Puh-leese.)

Can you tell?  Maybe it was because, the night before, I stayed up until the early AM taking pictures of shadows:

Night Moves.

Just kidding.  I obviously loved that.  I also love this:

Design me.  Bergdorf's Holiday Window Challenge beginning on Nov. 5th at Polyvore

IT'S A CONTEST.  I adore a friendly contest, especially one with a little money on the line ($2,500 at Bergdorf's for the best mock holiday, day-tripping inspired window on Polvore) and much BG browsing.  I've never used this Polyvore site, but I do recall your showing it to me and, seriously, what fun might we have with this silly project?  Much fun.  Join me?

So, here's what they mean by day-tripping:

Not your every day mini-break. Le Voyage dans la Lune, inspiration from the contest's website.

And here are some thoughts from my preliminary scouting last weekend, while Jackson (kindly) chauffeured me from the Kansas City airport to Springfield. MO:

Alassandra Rich, Spring 2011, available at Harrods in London

Orange Julep, a Montreal classic.

I mean, My God.  This is pretty.  Left to right: Celine, Marc Jacobs, two stacked Vanessa Bruno, Loewe, Alberta Ferretti

Hug me!  Lou Doillion in Vanessa Bruno

Arthur Bryant's meat. I ordered the Burnt Ends sandwich.  This is not my sandwich.

None of these are really usable, though, seeing as the clothing was torn almost exclusively* from November's Elle (one of the best darn issues of any magazine I've sifted through in some time), one is audio, another a moving sartorial picture, then Montreal, and the last some Kansas City BBQ (the likes of which I enjoyed at a pre-airport pit stop at Arthur Bryant's)

I'm also toying with this:

Illustration from The Story of the Vivian Girls by Henry Darger, whom Wikipedia's first sentence about describes as "a reclusive American writer and artist who worked as a custodian in Chicago, Illinois."   Day-tripping.
But that might be because I'm hoping to see this man's work (Henry Darger's) at the Folk Museum on Friday (free from 5:30-7:30).

J. Benny

P.S.  Night Moves:

* Not really true anymore, but I was a bit too worn out to change the phrasing by the time my collage was all said and done.